What is the Schema Markup Validator tool?

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What is the Schema Markup Validator tool?

The schema markup validator tool has been launched by Schema.org at validator.schema.org on May 11, 2021. This tool will help validate your structured data on the website, and even it can be used for general purposes.

Initially, the structured testing tool was launched by Google in 2015 and then relaunched in 2017. In July 2020, Google deprecated the structured tool. So, Google decided to move this tool from their property to Schema.org.

Point of difference between Google and Schema.org: Google’s rich testing tool was designed only to support the Google-supported structured data, but Schema.org makes up with markup validator that can be used for general purposes. This way, it can help other data apart from the Google ones.

Rich results The rich tool results tool is designed and maintained by Google’s site, and it will only show the Google-related results, and the results provided by them are the best.

Structure data testing: Google migrated this tool to Schema.org., just by saying that they want to open the standards and development experience. After the full refocusing and research, now the structure data testing tool is on the new domain serving, i.e., schema.org. This further ended up that the structured testing tool will no longer be able to check the Google search result types.

New Schema.org validator: Ryan Levering from schema.org said that this version is very simple because it is dedicated to checking that the users are using JSON-LD and Microdata. It will warn the person if it uses schema.org and d the properties in unusual combinations. It will help the person to check the data whether it expresses hope and reflects the essence of the structured data or not. It shows that the data is underlying any meaning or not.

Still in the validator.schema.org service is powered by Google, and schema.org is a Google-host tool. All these tools are available for commercial and open source. By using them, the person can improve the consistency and experience of doing work on the system.

Why was there a need for this?

This has provided another tool that will help validate the structured data added to our websites. Even the development of more tools like this will make the overall work very efficient.

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