The Ins and Outs of the SEO Audit

What Makes a Good SEO Marketing Strategy?
November 17, 2022
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The Ins and Outs of the SEO Audit


Whether it is for an existing website or a new website, an SEO audit is extremely important for getting an overview of what problems are present in the website or the work that need to be done to make it stand out from the crowd.

What Does an SEO Audit Entail?

The very name of SEO audit entails the determination of what problems exist within an existing site or newly launched site, and then revamping those problems to increase the website rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

  • Purpose of an SEO Audit

The purpose of an SEO audit is to increase the website’s ranking in SERP by identifying the functional issues that are affecting the organic search performance of the website.

Why Should You Consider Getting an SEO Audit?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting an SEO audit for your website.

  • Provides Strategic Upgrade

When you launch a website without getting a proper SEO audit, it might not be as competent, responsive, and effective as you might have planned. It might even not be ranked in SERP. For the very reason of getting a strategic upgrade, an SEO audit is important.

  • Optimized Crawling and Layout

SEO audit revamps all the errors and issues that usually prevent a crawler from thoroughly evaluating your website. However, an audit mitigates all those issues and errors, ultimately optimizing the crawling and layout of the website.

  • Website Accessibility and Analysis

Crawlers require access to your website in order to analyze and then index it, in addition to ranking it on SERP. This can only happen if there are not any obstacles for the crawlers to access your website. Which is ultimately achieved with the appropriate SEO audit.

  • Keyword Optimization

Keywords are important as they increase the visibility and relevance of a certain website. In addition to this, the keywords are what entails a crawler to determine the very purpose of your website. So, in order to have effective and hassle-free results, an SEO audit is extremely important.

  • Design Consideration of Website

The design of a website determines its responsiveness. It includes the codes, design elements, images, contents, and so on. By auditing the SEO of a certain Website, you can make your website have more Ranking on SERP.

  • Identify and Bridge Gaps in the Website for Optimal Results

There can be various gaps in your website that might be preventing you from getting optimal results. These can occur in various parts of your website, by doing an audit you will be able to identify those gaps and bridge them in order to get optimal results for your website.

How Often Should You Conduct an SEO Audit?

According to various SEO experts, it’s best if you conduct an SEO audit every 6 months. However, you can also conduct mini-audits every single month to keep your website consistent in acquiring the optimal potential of the website.

How to Optimize Your SEO Audit

There are many ways through which you can identify the problems occurring on your website. Here are a few most common ways to find the problems on your own.

  • Run a manual Google search
  • Conduct on-page technical SEO checks
  • Find out your site ranking and analyze your competitor’s website
  • Check website responsiveness
  • Check the website loading speed

Aside from these, you can also use various free tools available on the web to perform an SEO audit. Or you can simply hire an SEO company to optimize the SEO audit on your site.

What Are Some Common Issues Found During an SEO Audit?

Here are a few most common issues that can be found in an SEO audit.

  • Missing or Broken Links

A backlink that has been acquired from a website that no longer exists or there has been an error in adding it.

  • Duplicate Content

Contents that are present on another relevant website match the ones that are on your website.

  • Missing Robot Sitemaps

Missing robot sitemaps prevents the crawler from accessing your website as well as indexing it.

  • Incorrect Optimization of Alt Tags

Alt tags are included with the image you post on your website. By adding incorrect keywords, your website might appear in irrelevant search results.

  • Slower Response Time of Website

Websites take too much time to load, this not only irritates your audience but also irritates the crawlers.

  • Improper Optimization of Metadata

Metadata is the text that appears below the website URL in search engine results pages. By adding improper metadata, your site will become irrelevant to your audience as the crawler would index it wrongly.

  • Ignorance of Secured Encryption

Secured encryption is important for your business as well as for your target audience. Having insecure encryption means your site might be vulnerable to malware and hackers.


Seo audit is important for every website as it primarily focuses on drawing out the maximum potential of the website. Thus, it is a crucial activity that shouldn’t be ignored by you.

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