What does Google Webmaster Report of February 2020 say?

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January 20, 2020
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February 13, 2020
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What does Google Webmaster Report of February 2020 say?

There have been lots of surprises in Google Webmaster in the past few days. There was January 2020 update and then favicon and black ad labels were released on desktop. A few days later Google took back the release. The reintroduction of Google snippet was also observed. But this is not the end. There were other changes too.

There were some major changes in the Google search algorithm as well. January 2020 update was one of them. It is believed that many more updates followed after that, but there is no confirmation about that from Google. Furthermore, last month, we saw lots of indexing complaints. Many pages lost their ranking.

The favicon and black ad labels were live on mobiles for several months. It was recently released for desktop as well. However, it has to be taken down because it was not welcomed by users. It is said that Google is experimenting with some new features.

After this feedback, Google reintroduced its snippet feature. The snippet is an answer to a question query that is featured at the top of the search result, even before paid ads.

There were some changes in Google Search Console as well. It introduced removal ads, a new colour and fixed some bugs.

Google no longer provides support for data-vocabulary.org. There were some minor changes as well which went unnoticed by the web community.

The Webmaster web thread is still discussing the February update. However, the discussion has taken a new pace in the last 24-hours. It is expected that Google has introduced some new updates, but there is no confirmation on this news from Google.

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