The Error In Google’s CrawlingImpacted Some Websites Last Week (11th Nov-17th Nov)

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November 18, 2021
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The Error In Google’s CrawlingImpacted Some Websites Last Week (11th Nov-17th Nov)

It was seen that Googlebot slowed crawling on some of the websites between 11th November and 17th November.

It was confirmed by Google’s John Muller that between 11 November 2021 and 17 November 2021, a bug prevented Google from crawling for the AMP cache.

It was specifically said that “We saw that crawling for the AMP cache had slowed down for some sites.”It was also added that, “this particular bug has been resolved since, after an internal analysis it was confirmed that the crawling was not widespread and thus, there were no negative effects overall.”

The issue: Google, due to a bug, faced the issue of crawling between 11 November and 17 November that impacted the crawling of cache for some websites. John Muller confirmed it on Twitter. He confirmed that a bug resulted in the crawling issue. Due to the particular bug, Google was not able to crawl the content of some websites. After internal analysis, it was found that the problem was not widespread and thus, overall, there were no such negative effects.

Who noticed it first: Olivier Papen from Seolyzer was the one who noticed the crawling issue and he posted about the issue on Twitter by saying that Googlebot was noticed by him. He saw that the web crawler of Google is not crawling the content of some websites. The issue started on the 11th of November at 6 pm and was resolved on the 17th of November at 8 pm. It was personally noticed by him that a few numbers of websites showed a decline in crawling in the crawl stats report of Google Search Console, and after analyzing the Search Console it was verified that the crawling issue didn’t impact most of the sites.

Why it is a problem: When you do link building for your website but there is an issue in the Google crawling, it means that the updated content on the websites will not be reflected in the search results of Google. In simple words, an error in crawling results in the failure of the search engine to reach the page on a particular website. The bug which led to an error in Goggle’s crawling has been resolved by Google and thus, everything is now back to normal.

In case your website was affected by a particular bug, there is no recourse for clearing the website from it.

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