Technical SEO Tasks That Are Critical To Your Organic Presence

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February 26, 2022
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Technical SEO Tasks That Are Critical To Your Organic Presence

When we think about SEO, we frequently think of keywords. While this is an important aspect, search engine optimization has progressed far beyond loading our page with relevant terms and phrases. In order to give consumers, the greatest results possible, Google and other search engines have placed a strong emphasis on content quality rather than quantity in recent years.

Google has begun to consider security and how material is presented/formatted when deciding which sites to rank higher. Although technical SEO has always been crucial, with recent algorithm adjustments, it is now more necessary than ever to pay strict attention to our websites’ technical health.

SSL should be used

SSL is a phrase we hear a lot but may not understand exactly what it implies. It stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a security technology for establishing encrypted communications between a web server and a browser during online communication.

We used to notice it largely when we made an online purchase (to protect your credit card or payment credentials) or when we joined up for something that required our personal information. However, it is now an essential aspect of managing every website, regardless of its purpose.

Reduce the time it takes for the webpage to load

Have you ever visited a website that took an excessive amount of time to load? As a result, have you ever abandoned a website because it took too long to load?

You’re not the only one who feels this way. Over 40% of visitors have abandoned a site because to the long time it took to propagate, and that number is steadily increasing. As a result, site load time is critical to your business.

If your site doesn’t load in under three seconds on mobile and under two seconds on desktop, users are far more likely to quit it. Google considers load speed as one of its ranking factors.

Remove 404 errors, as well as broken pages and links.

When you get 404 errors on your website, it implies you have — and are linking to — pages that don’t exist. In a nutshell, they’re broken, and this isn’t conducive to a good customer experience.

This is most likely due to when you had a page that was originally published at a certain URL but then altered it, or when you no longer needed the page and unpublished it. Once this has occurred, you must implement a 301 redirect. This permits a visitor to be routed from the old page to the new page.

Get rid of concerns with mixed content.

It’s quite probable that you’ve lately imposed SSL onto your website if you’re experiencing mixed content troubles. This indicates that your content contains links to non-secure (HTTP) pages.

Although you’ve protected your website, the connected material that existed before you made the transition will remain unchanged. Fortunately, this is a rather simple remedy, but it may take some time if done manually.

Running a Site Audit in SEMRush is a simple approach to uncover any mixed content concerns on your website. Under the Errors report, mixed content will appear, and it will show you all of the sites to be concerned about.


Without a doubt, SEO is a top-list thing that any company with a website should be concerned about. After all, do you truly exist if others can’t find you online? It’s crucial to keep in mind that technical SEO and keyword-oriented SEO function best when used together.


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