SEO Services in Patna

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, literally means to optimize the Search Engine. The set of activities in an SEO service in Patna,Delhiand overall india  is focused on improving the positioning of a web page, site or ecommerce on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), more simply on the pages of the search engine chosen to carry out the search. An improvement in the ranking, therefore in the position occupied on the SERP, will produce an increase in product visibility and, consequently, an increase in the volume of organic traffic.

Standard Quality Parameters We Follow

White hat process for execution

Relevant category for links

Manual submission of off page work

All links are genuine

We will work on natural linking

We will complete all work on deadline

We will use 100% unique content for posting

We will use Google index sites for link building

Our Key Clients

  • atlantis water sports
  • mirraw
  • sportskeeda
  • Themancompany
  • weddingwishlist

SEO Services in Patna - Seoxport.com

SEO PartsActivitiesSEO Service
Off-Page SEOLink building,Guest blogging,Content marketing,Article Submission,Social Bookmarking,Ads Submission etc.E-commerce SEO Service
On-Page SEOWeb enhancement,Meta tag creation,Web content analyse,sitemap,robots etc.Local SEO Service
White hat,Black hat and Grey hatWhite hat according to Google guidelines,Black hat refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies,Grey hat (white +Black hat)International SEO Service

What is the working procedure of Seoxport?

  • Seoxport ensures that your site would be user friendly and makes sure a good browsing experience;
  • We make sure that your site is technically perfect and able to be correctly indexed by Google;
  • We check if your site is designed to be mobile first or at least responsive;
  • We check if your site is secure;
  • If the content of your site complies with what your potential customers require;
  • Provide backbone to your site is able to become a conversion tool from visitors to leads and customers;
  • Make your site loads quickly;
  • We support your business objectives comply with your digital strategies,
  • Our experts check if your content marketing activity is SEO oriented;
  • Also, we make sure your site is able to keep up with your competition and your target market.

Why you should choose us?

  • We do a proper analysis of SEO factors on site
  • We do analysis of site content and individual pages
  • Also do analysis of off page SEO factors
  • We are providing On-site SEO factor optimization
  • Plus, On-page SEO factor optimization as well
  • Content creation and optimization (so-called content marketing)
  • Digital strategy activities
  • Monitoring and reporting of the results obtained
  • Comparison and bench marking activities

About Patna City


Patna is capital city of Bihar and one of the cities which have great history. This city us so old that it is said that it is colonized before 490 BCE year. A story is also related to Patna that the king of Magadha named Ajatashatru had the desires of shifting his capital from the hill area of Rajgir to such kind of place which is more convenient according to easy business opportunities and strategically more beneficial. And then he choose a bank of holly river Ganga, where the modern day Patna City is situated.

Why do Patna famous?

As I said already that Patna was ruled by the Magadh kingdom so Magadh is the mother tongue of Patna people and still people have some kind of that accent which is pretty amazing. Due to being the capital and the largest city of Bihar, Patna has many things which is famous here like the tallest statue of Mahatma Gandhi.


Patna people experience normal but slightly cool temperature of 23 ˚C. In the winters, the average temperature falls nearly about 9.3 ˚C and in the summer, it can be noted near about 38.4 ˚C.

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