Screaming Frog Lanuched SEO Spider New Version 12.0

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September 27, 2019
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Screaming Frog Lanuched SEO Spider New Version 12.0

The technology has been rapidly enhancing by developing more new software solutions. These aspects are utilized in many regular activities of people. The updation of the famous SEO Spider tool by the famous software developer Screaming Frog is one such new development in the technology-based communication world. This new version provides insights into page speed, the integration of API along with auto-saves for database storage mode. This further gives a customizable GUI and other many such improvements.

What Is The Significance?

The SEO Spider is a website crawler tool. It is very valuable regarding the analyzation of sites, understanding the navigation of search engine crawlers, and audit SEO efforts to identify the aspects to be improved. The user experience can be developed based on the source of real-world data. This data is obtained by the capability of the Screaming Frog’s tool that pulls the CrUX (Chrome User Experience Report) along with Lighthouse metrics. The SEOs and the site owners utilize this data to incorporate necessary changes. Larger site crawls can be helped by the database storage mode file-saving and re-opening developments.

Additional Information

  • The new ‘PageSpeed’ tool is integrated with Google’s PageSpeed Insights API. This helps users to collect from CrUX and Lighthouse metrics. The users can find the scope to reduce the load times by using this data. The report of ‘PageSpeed Opportunities Summary’ further helps the site owners to identify the areas seeking changes for development.
  • Database storage mode earlier permits users to save data to hard drives instead of RAM. This is now changed into automatic saving. This helps to re-open files of the database more quickly than before.
  • The tabs of SEO Spider now become user-customizable. This provides the option to appear in any kind of order or can be removed completely. This affects the tab preferences of the users about the data that is stored.

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