Review Rich Results Cracks Down By Google

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September 13, 2019
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September 27, 2019
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Review Rich Results Cracks Down By Google

In your review rich results have been disappeared in Google platform means, then go through this article further. You can find why Google has been cracking down on certain review rich results. In order to find in case Google confirms the reviews in the snippets of the search engine results, Google has been announced that they have applied the algorithmic updates to the review in the rich results. They also admitted that the implementation process involved in this will be very simple and easy.

At present, Google is providing certain review of rich results for below-mentioned scenarios:

  • With the markup, the review that consists of the name property
  • For reviewing the snippet, a clarified set of schema types has been offered
  • Non-self-serving reviews

Self-serving reviews will not be permitted:

Along with the self-serving reviews information, Google also announces certain additional information based on this important process. The reviews which are focuses as the self-serving has not been present the most extraordinary interest of the users. Google also wrote, they will call for the self-serving review, at the time the entity A has been placed in the entity A website either directly via the embedded third party widget or in their markup process.

The requirement of name property:

Google also suggested that, at the time you are going to review anything, it is very must to include the name property to their markup for this review markup for it to meet the criteria. You can able to easily find out that, one can able to effectively state the product name that has been reviewed.  This is one of the most important processes.

Updated help documents:

In order to clarify the various changes moving forward, Google has been updated the documents of review snippet developer.

Why Google is caring?

In case your pages on the website have shown the review rich results then there will be a certain process will be done. You have to be very sure that, it has been continued to show the reviews in the search results. Then you have to review your page that, whether it is coming under this rule or not. If not, then you have to make it possible. In case, your review rich results have been disappeared in Google platform, then it is the indication of algorithmic update.


Google has been included effective clarity within the self-serving process around reviews.

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