New Shopping Section in Google Search Results Rolled Out

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January 15, 2020
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New Shopping Section in Google Search Results Rolled Out

Search engine giant, Google has rolled out a new shopping feature in search results this January 2020. This feature makes it easier for internet users, especially on mobiles to shop like crazy for popular products.

Following the dramatic renovation of Google shopping in last fall, Google is today updating the shopping experience on Google Search, particularly on mobile.

While searching for keywords like ‘down jackets’ or ‘running shoes,’ Google will now return a fresh and unique section, which showcases popular products from stores around the web. This new section will be displayed while searching for accessories, shoes, and clothes.

The information about the products will be presented with a choice of items in a fresh, visual guide. After this, you can further narrow down what you are seeking by size type or department, style, and you can view the images. Beneath every item, Google will show how many e-stores feature that product and the least price.

Such a change will help, especially when you are trying to explore all the stores, which carry one specific item. This is an action, which has been tough to accomplish in the past. After you consider the item in question, you can scroll down to peruse aggregated customer reviews. In case you are ready to make a purchase, all you have to do is to click on the link to the store you wish to shop.

Such a feature is driven by the search index of Google that has organized products from over a million e-commerce stores and is refreshed regularly. This new shopping feature is not a paid advertisement for retailers, as pointed out by Google. Retailers who wish to take part may include their products inside this section free of cost.

Such changes are part of a bigger and more current focus on how the shopping experience of customers can be enhanced for online retailers. This is because Google is revamping to emerge as the ideal platform to access everything, which is not available on the online retail behemoth, Amazon. To progress on this front, Google has acquired a start-up, Pointy spending $163 million, this week. This site helps physical retailers keep track of their in-store inventory.

The Google shopping homepage of the company has also been recently updated to serve as a personalized and customized destination based on the habits and preferences of customers. It also has additions like price tracker and fresh ways to shop from both online and local retailers.

However, in case many customers wish to purchase popular items like clothes and shoes, the first step is not Google shopping home page, but Google search from now on. While browsing the popular products section, users can filter results by size, department, and style. After choosing of product, Google will list the sites where these can be bought from, which helps customers compare prices.

It is also possible to read reviews of products by customers without leaving Google search results. But customers face one issue – they will have to visit the site of a retailer to buy the desired product.

Merchants are invited by Google to feature their products in the product section by setting up product feeds in Google Merchant Centre or/and apply the suitable structured mark-up of data to product pages. As per Google, the new feature will help direct organic traffic to merchants.

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