Link Building: The First Major Factor of Search Ranking

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March 1, 2019
Revolution of Moz Domain Authority 2.0
Revolution of Moz Domain Authority 2.0
March 8, 2019
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Link Building: The First Major Factor of Search Ranking

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It is not actually true that Google was the search portal, which sees the backlinks as the votes but Google was the search portal which depended majorly upon the link building and link interpretation as a means to promote the links related to the searched keyword.

Quality of the Links Matter

The links, which are created for a particular website should be are of good quality and mobility. Yes, it is true that the no. of the backlinks plays major roles in improving the ranking of a particular website but the quality of the links is the main factor. For example, suppose if you want to buy a new car and you need some consultancy from groups of people. One is a group of 5 to 7 expert consultants and one is a group of 40 to 50 local people walking in a park. No matter how much hostility you do have with the consultant group, you would like to take the advice from them. Similarly, in the case of the links, the quality matters whether the no. of links are high or not.


No. of the links from the Quality Blogs are Worthy

Link Building

Now, let’s discuss the no. of the links. As we have discussed earlier the no. of links matters but in which and what case? See, if the no. of the links goes parallel with the quality of the links then it is all good but if the content of the particular website is posted on a low-quality blog or on the blog which has high spam score then the quality of that backlink would be low without any doubt. If you want to post no. of articles relevant to the particular website then they must be posted on the high DA and low spam score blogs for getting all the links with the quality. Plus, the quality of the backlinks also increases when the articles are posted on different sites instead of one or two good quality sites. By doing this, it would be easy for Google to find out that the eminence of the website because the backlinks would come from a bunch of blogs.

Best Link Building Outreach Agency in India

In order to get the backlinks from the quality and high DA with low spam score blogs, you would need to take the services of the best digital marketing or an eminent link building outreach agency. In such cases, Seoxport comes out as the best Guest Posting Service India, which can help you out in finding the high-quality blogs in abundance for posting the articles for your website and getting the backlinks from there. Seoxport is the no. 1 ranked company in India and always provides the best solutions regarding the ranking of the individual websites. Basically, Link Building is a hard job and so it is not a piece of cake for everybody. The most experienced and creative agencies are the only resources for getting the backlinks from the quality websites and Seoxport is on the top among them.

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