Latest Updates on Google Search Console Rich Results Report

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Latest Updates on Google Search Console Rich Results Report

Recently two changes were made in Google to get the rich results in the Google Search Console. The first change is related to Q&A and FAQs and another one regarding the job posting report. Google has documented these changes on their help page. But a brief explanation is given below:

What is Job Posting Report?

This change came into action on 11 March 2021. In this change, Google has changed the requirements for job posting like experience, education, and the ExperienceInPlaceOfEducation. This change has led to an increment in the warnings for the Job Posting instances. Whenever you see any of these errors in rich result reports, ensure your job posting is done as per the new requirements.

What are Q&A and FAQS reports?

On March 2, 2021, Google explained that they will start to check the validity of the Q&A and FAQS structure right from below the root entity to the higher level. Earlier it used to check the entity up to the root level. Nowadays the Google has started to check more pages for validity purposes so that the results can be enriched. It will reflect the accurate count of roots and nested entities. If any one of the users sees any error, they can follow the instruction given in the report.

Why this changed was needed?

The majority of people rely on the results provided by Google in their searches. So, they need to be extra conscious so that the entire knowledge provided to the people should be right. Most of the issues are faced with FAQ structured data and the data structure of Job Posting. You will find the structured data on the pages of all the sites these days. If you or your clients are using the structured data elements, then check randomly Google Search Console reports seeing that everything is working as desired.  It is very important to keep yourself updated for convenience.

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