January 2020 Google Algorithm Update Rolled Out

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December 23, 2019
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January 20, 2020
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January 2020 Google Algorithm Update Rolled Out

A new core update for Google algorithm has become live, and it is referred to as simply – January 2020 Core Update.

Google began 2020 with a big bang by announcing on its Twitter handle@Search Liaison on the morning of January 13th that it was rolling out a new core update this month, which will be the first core update for this year.

Google is in the habit of rolling out such core algorithm updates in the gap of every few months. The last core update of this search engine was in September 2019. Core updates make substantial though broad changes in the search engine algorithms. The result is that search results become more relevant to every user by delivering content links, which are authoritative and of higher quality.

At the same time, Google has moved for reassuring site owners that in case their sites are experiencing a decrease in traffic or rankings, it may not indicate that there is anything wrong with the site. But the search engine does ask you to focus only on providing the best possible content. This is why the search engine algorithm has changed to deliver better quality to search engine users.

The major change in this core update is in the mode by which Google systems now evaluate site content, and they offer a simple example of how this process works. Consider a movie ranking system of say, 2015. When you judge the same list in 2018 or 2019, it is obvious that better and newer movies have been released. Hence, the ranking site must be refreshed to be pertinent to the audience of today. This does not imply that older movies, which get replaced on the rank lists, are bad. It simply means that there are more deserving candidates now.

For assessing your content, Google has included a list of questions to understand whether you are doing the maximum you can. Such guidelines will aid you in enhancing your site content.

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