How Important is an HTTPS Certificate for Your Website?

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How Important is an HTTPS Certificate for Your Website?

You may feel absurd, but it’s true! All the Page 1 results on Google always have websites with HTTPS in the beginning. Does that mean Google only give privilege to ones who have bought the HTTPS certificate? If so, why this process is not made mandatory for all as if you don’t have good Google Ranking, your life is screwed up as you won’t get potential buyers or visitors to your website. No traffic no sales!

First, let us understand what HTTPS is?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a combined implementation of HTTP and SSL certificate making the website more secure and safe from all negativities.

You may understand better with a real-life example:

Suppose you need to order online any product with payment from any Credit or Debit Card. For this transaction, you need to enter the complete details on the website for the Card. Any computer that is in between the server and your mobile or computer can take a note of all your credit card details. Besides credit cards, even passwords and usernames can be hacked. When the website has HTTPS extension, it means the website is encrypted with SSL certificate. This addition will rule out all the in between computers and directly send the information to the server. So, it’s more like an added safety just like we secure our homes with a watchman.

Now I am sure you would pretty fall for immediately buying an SSL certificate for your website. But before that, you need to understand the exact procedure for getting this HTTPS protocol.



  1. You need to host with a proper dedicated IP address
  2. Buy a certificate from vendor
  3. Activate the certificate
  4. Install it!
  5. The last action is tedious. You need to update your website to hence use HTTPS.

What are the benefits for you as a website owner to upgrading your website to HTTPS website?

  • When a customer sees a secured website, indirectly he feels safe to place an order and all cheat and theft possibilities are ruled out.
  • It is found in a Moz survey that Google automatically puts HTTPS websites on top ranking making your website more popular and visible indirectly.
  • Your website gets safe from hackers and digital cheaters who enter in an unauthorized way into your database and breakdown your entire database. Hence, the most valuable database also gets secured with SSL certificates.

Which businesses need SSL certificates strongly?

  • Any website with a payment gateway should, undoubtedly, need an SSL certificate for it.
  • Also, government official websites and police online websites need such good security so that no one can forge their system.
  • All online shopping websites need SSL
  • In any education system where online marking is done, it’s important to have an SSL certified website so that papers never leak out nor marks are changed.

Who can help you if your website has been hacked and the most official important information is leaked out?

Life can never be bed of roses, and there are people who create problems for their selfish motives in other’s life. If you are one such victim of the digital world, you can easily ask for help from Cyber Crime Branch as they have professionals and experts who may find out the culprit and hence punish him legally for such an offence.

What are the basic necessities once you decide to make your own online website?

  • Buy a domain.
  • Buy a hosting space and email id space if required.
  • Buy a secured SSL certificate along with domain for safety of content
  • Take help from an online website builder or hire an expert team to make a website of the selected domain and host it on your bought space!

So, I am pretty sure you might be clear about the priority of SSL along with buying your own selected domain.

P.S: Please be sure about asking your website development company or inhouse team if they have booked their SSL certificate for the website. It’s something like an added insurance for your business. The best part about buying SSL is that it’s one-time procedure. Once bought, you don’t have to think about it for a lifetime.

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