Google’s Extra Feature Launched in India- “People Cards”

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June 11, 2020
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Google’s Extra Feature Launched in India- “People Cards”

Google’s latest feature for the Indian audience is namely the “People Cards” which has a very modern take! Let’s see what this exciting feature is about!

The highlights explained

The People Cards exist virtually on Google search, and these focus on displaying a user’s current website as well as social profiles. This feature is a superb add-on to enable the users in increasing their online presence. Till date, this unique feature has only been launched in India, with the mobile option. The functions are simple as an individual only needs to create it by inserting their name on Search while using “Add me to search”. This is followed by a platform to fill in your other details.

If you have interesting work that you should be shared, then this is perfect to make the latter available to a wider audience. Adding a profile picture can personalize your profile similar to social media platforms. Contact details can also be included such as email and phone number.

Can this feature be trusted for sharing private details?

Indeed, Google has tackled the safety issue by including safeguards which aim at ensuring the reliability of the network while maintaining the quality of content. Protection against abusive or offensive content is provided. To strengthen the platform, one People card is allowed for each Google account.

The use of a mobile to authenticate the details make it more secured to ensure no scammers mess around. If someone feels suspicious of their account or witnessed uncommon responses, it is also possible to delete the People card account, by respective owners.


Looking for an increased audience for personal branding or simply sharing content to more platforms? This latest feature provides for all of the following and guarantees reliable safety.

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