Google Rolling Out PageSpeed Insights

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November 15, 2021
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Google Rolling Out PageSpeed Insights

Google has launched a new tool for determining how well a website performs in terms of speed and performance. PageSpeed Insights (PSI) are the result of Google’s most recent update. It represents a significant shift in the company’s strategy for assisting web administrators in improving the performance of their sites.

Previously, one could check their current score by going to There were four scores in the old system: mobile – Displays how their site appears on a mobile device or emulator. Desktop -mobile – Measures how well their page performs when viewed on a slower connection. Mobile-only – This metric assesses how well their page works on a mobile device. Only desktop – Displays their site’s overall score.

The new update has now combined all of these scores into one, drastically simplifying things. This is great because it makes it easier to check their PSI score.

What is new?

The new Google PageSpeed Insights consists of just one numerical score. Depending on how one’s site performs, they can see it broken down into four colours on the developer console. These colours are:

Green – This means they have a perfect 100/100 score Yellow – Their page’s performance falls between 81-99 Blue – One’s page’s performance falls between 61-80 Red – Their page’s performance falls under 60.

However, there is speculation that Google may be adding more to this in the future.

Why is this important?

Quickly checking their current PsI score is very beneficial because it allows webmasters to track their website’s progress over time and ensure that they are continuously making improvements to ensure their users have a faster experience.

How does this affect SEO?

This update is handy because it allows webmasters and entrepreneurs to keep track of their site’s performance and ensure that they are continuing to make changes to improve the user experience for their visitors. This ultimately helped them rank higher in Google’s search engine, which was always PageSpeed Insights primary purpose to begin with.

Many people use PSI, even if they don’t know what it is. It has become a form of tracking progress on one’s website over time, that it would be hard not to notice its’ presence in your page source code or developer console. So simply explaining the significance will gain the most traction over time when someone searches for their site and sees the score.

At the bottom of each field and lab card in the PageSpeed Insights report, there is now a new information section that shares the following details about the sampled data:

  • Period of data collection
  • Duration of visits
  • Versions of Chrome
  • Devices
  • connections to the internet
  • Size of the sample

The “Expand view” feature adds a drill-down function to the field data section, allowing them to see granular details for the Core Web Vitals metrics.

These were some basic information about PageSpeed Insights.


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