Google Link Spam Update Rolling Out

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July 23, 2021
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September 22, 2021
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Google Link Spam Update Rolling Out

The torment that people go through while the usual surfing on the internet on clicking on those malicious spam links sadly goes unrecognized. But for a change, Google itself has stepped forward to try to minimize this issue.

The problem:

While surfing the internet, we might need to visit many websites to collect the required information or find the required file. In doing so, we might stumble upon links that may seem very tempting and purposeful but are actually not. These links redirect the users who click on them to some bogus website, where there is nothing but a big fat pile of ads. This wastes time as well as the internet of the user.

Google stepping in:

With Google stepping in, the problem is expected to be reduced significantly if not solved completely. According to a statement by Google, they are going to roll out a new algorithm that will fight this whole scam and rank websites accordingly. This action is going to be called “Link Spam Update.” This will identify the potential spam links more broadly and efficiently across the internet and act accordingly. For the next two weeks, we can say that Google is clearing its garage, as the program is spread across the next two weeks.

After effects:

After the deep, elaborate action of Google, the ranking of the websites in the search index is bound to change. Websites that are infused with similar links to the spam ones will witness a sharp drop in their respective search or ranking index.


To be safe from this cleaning exercise conducted by Google and avoid any drop in any kind of rankings, one must be aware of the links on their website. If the links present are natural and promote organic growth, then there is nothing to worry about. If not, one should buckle up for removing all such links, or Google itself will.


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