Google implement ‘Request Quotes’ button for local business listing

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December 14, 2019
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Google implement ‘Request Quotes’ button for local business listing

Google is the worldwide popular browser that will make people to easily search for anything and get the result. Even though with the aim to get the trust of local searchers Google comes with the solution that is local service ads. By means of this local service obtain better benefits. Of course, while searching for something and if your service ads come will make the searcher trust it.

All because those ads are related to Google thus it is trustable by all. As of now, Google is researching a new feature for its mobile browsing results pages as well as local service ads. In order to facilitate local business via better traffic although ads come while searching to make the searchers more comfortable Google is testing on the “request quotes” feature.

By means of the new feature, searchers get Local Services Ads (LSAs) easily. The ads will come on the phone for that the business wants to provide details such as insurance, pass licensing as well as background checks. Thus customers feel good as well as trust the local business in case they look for.

The searcher will get the service near their location. Searcher wants to click on the button therefore the customer gets everything easily. By clicking on the button searcher required to enter some essential information thus it will be sent to that service. The newly introduced feature will make you send the searcher request through Google My Business messaging.

The business wants to download Google My Business (GMB) app if they need to get this type of massage. Actually, Goggle has updated this application so businesses now get messages easily.

Why it is prominent?

The main reason for Google’s feature is that to make GMB an engagement and transactions platforms. At the same time, this feature is related to Local Service ads therefore this feature will offer proper business. Just imagine if a searcher is looking for a cleaning service then they choose to search right?

Once after they search it will give you so many suggestions. All the suggested services are local businesses that are nearby searchers locations. At the same time, when the customer clicks on the button will show a form where you want to enter all the essential details. The moment searcher enters the submit button the message will reach the business.

Now you all understood the flexibility. Most importantly searchers feel easy and comfortable to reach the local service. Alongside if customers visit your site then the traffic will increase and it will offer you better organic traffic. Once a site got organic traffic then it will come first in the recommendations thus customers reach business easily.

It will reduce the customers’ burden plus it comes on all the devices as well. The reason why this feature is in the testing stage is that not a lot of information is can’t able to stuff in the form. So then the business reaches customers easily. For furthermore details search for the present phase of this feature online.

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