Google Image Search Made More User-Friendly

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Google Image Search Made More User-Friendly

Technology has led to many changes in the working of the people. Nowadays, if the technology is helping in many ways, but there are some chances that there might be some loopholes and some people can take advantage of it. To this, Google has launched an update in November 2020 regarding Google images. This update has reduced the chances of duplicate images in the search images.

What is visual distinct?

With the help of this update, the results have become more relevant and visually distinct. This means that Google is now able to hand the query for search in a better way. Now the images will appear as per the search made by the user. This update has helped everyone in making an appropriate search that gives out the most appropriate results and nothing else than that. It is beneficial for the websites; as if there is huge Google image search traffic, they can check the analytics to see any changes in the search engine.

For example: Suppose a person searches a jaguar on the search engine. Jaguar is the name of an animal, sports team, car manufacture, and many others. So now Google displays different categories right below the search bar. The user can click the type of jaguar he was searching for. This is how the search formats are simplified to save the time of the user and the search engine.

Why is there a need for an update?

There was a need for such improvement by Google so that they can provide their user with a better set of search results. There is so much content available on the internet; sometimes, it can be difficult to search for the appropriate one. Dividing the content into different categories and displaying it to the user will make the work of the user much easier. There is no scope of getting duplicate content instead of the real one. It is the technology that is improving daily and making human lives much easier.

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