Common Questions Site Owners Have About Google Search or News

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Common Questions Site Owners Have About Google Search or News

With time, even Google is doing some of the changes that will help in contributing to a better experience for all its users. There are many new launches in the Google News and Google Search that might have ended up in the different questions in the mind of the site owners. Here is the list of questions along with the appropriate answers.

  • Where does the news appear on Google?

The news will appear on Google News, Google Search, Google Assistant, YouTube, and even on Discover. The Google News can be easily accessed through mobile apps that can be displayed as the news feed. To boost the interest of the readers, some of the headlines will be displayed on the tab surface. So that the readers will tap on it to read more.

  • Is it possible for my site to appear where Google Displays news?

To this, the answer is yes, as the site will automatically be indexed in Google News. It has a high level of expertise trustworthiness and even authority. It will comply with all the Google News policies and even produce the original news-related content. Earlier Google required publishers you make their news appear but now there is no such need.

  • How will I know that my site is appearing in Google news?

One of the best ways to know about this thing is to look at the performance reports in Search Console. These reports will indicate the traffic received from the Google News within the surfaces of Google search.

  • How to improve the visibility of the news content?

Once Google will identify the content and analysis that it is eligible to appear on the new surfaces, the ranking can be determined automatically through various factors like relevance, prominence, freshness, location, authoritativeness, language, etc.

  • Why is my site not appearing even if I’m following all the advice?

Google mainly emphasizes the importance of producing original news content. Following all the advice will make the site eligible but the content needs to be improved that will help in running the system. Even it will provide better recognition to the site among the users.

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