Check Out New Update Of Google Search Console Performance Report Data

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September 20, 2019
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Check Out New Update Of Google Search Console Performance Report Data

Google recently announced that they have enhanced the data of the Performance report within Search console. Therefore you are now capable to view your Search Performance Report within 24 hours. This seems that you no need to wait in order to view your data. The performance report basically aids you to analyze your website performance on the Google search engine. In addition it also assists you to figure out your high performing pages plus find out queries to know where traffic comes. You can track this information from any device and area you acquire high traffic.

Webmasters nowadays no need to wait in order to view out their performance report. It is because Google announced performance report in search console with enhanced data freshness. Therefore webmasters can find out fresh data in Performance report under search console within one day. By integrating performance report into the search console, the webmasters can view organic traffic, driving keywords, viewer’s demography, etc. One of the main disadvantages of this update is that performance report not has freshness which was the main anxiety for many webmasters.

This update helps you in monitoring your website performance more easily and efficiently. The webmaster can see out their website weekend performance on Mondays. Overall it helps you track as well as fix problems or issues quickly as soon as possible. This update is not working for the API currently and for the Discover performance report as well.

If you want to see this update login to Google search console and click on the performance report. In that see top right of the page when Google has updated this data. Overall you can see your weekend performance on Monday instead of waiting until Wednesday. You can see day within a day.

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